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The golden age of video games commences with the introduction of the Family Computer in 1983, transitions from 8-bit to 16-bit with the PC-Engine in 1987, and ends with the twilight years of the Mega Drive vs. Super Nintendo console wars. TimeWarpGamer focuses on golden age consoles and specializes in:
—Definitive lists for the greatest 8-bit and 16-bit games
—Full coverage of games across all the world's regions
—Detailed regional box art comparisons
—Original top 10 lists for genres and other categories
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One man can only do so much. There are numerous web sites that have been instrumental in helping me identify games worth my (or anyone's) attention and learning more about them. I visit these sites regularly, and TimeWarpGamer only gets better thanks to the excellent content found here:
Art and Graphics
Original and custom scans of box art for tons of consoles
Beautiful scans of fliers for Famicom games
General Coverage
French site with many reviews and excellent gameplay screenshots
Incredible source for guides, and a great games database in general
A Google-map-linked database of arcade and game stores, add to it!
An incredible range of features and coverage on classic games
Learn the history and play the games from wood rails to modern tables
Wide-ranging NES coverage, from reviews and features to maintenance
Definitive coverage of every US and EU Virtual Console release
Great retro site covering a wide range of topics and features
Simply the best TurboGrafx game database on the Web
If I only had access to one retro game website, this would be the one
Impressive retro breadth and the best PAL game database on the net
Wide coverage, especially NES—with one of the best top 100 lists
You won't find better 16-bit Sega coverage than this
An impressive, growing database games on Sega systems
A multitude of professional speed runs across many consoles
Amazing source for info on beta and unreleased versions of games
A range of coverage from new to old, but many a retro gem
Extremely rich in retro game information and related web sites
Play Games
An incredible Double Dragoneque homage to retro games
The definitive source for downloading NES homebrew titles
Play the classic platformer as Link or Mega Man or more!
Can retro game podcasts get better than this?
Getting better with each new episode, an impressive range of topics
The greatest podcast for retro video game music
One of my favorite retro podcasts, epic in length and variety
Print and Digital Media
Retro gaming coverage galore in these Jeremy Parish-edited collections
New pay-to-download digital mag; first issue was quite good
Dedicated to preserving the content of classic video game magazines
Best e-magazine for PC Engine that I know of — free!
Best retro game coverage in print (click below for discounted subscriptions)
Free to download, great presentation, and all written in Spanish
This journal of video game appreciation is available in pdf for $5 an issue
Amazingly in-depth coverage of old and new 2D titles
Excellent reviews of often-overlooked retro games
One of the most impressive collection of PC Engine reviews out there
The art and authority of his TurboGrafx-16 game reviews know no rival
My favorite video reviewer of NES games
Dedicated to reviewing every SNES game, and great screen shots too
Incredible breadth, concise reviews, and simple to navigate
Sweet source for Famicom, FDS, PCE, and SNES reviews
Web Forums
An incredible video game database, and lively forum community
Possibly the best retro community on the Net
Another great community, with a European focus
I'm trying to keep this list focused (i.e. sites that I visit multiple times a week), but if you have any suggestions I welcome them here. Thanks!