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Sunsoft's NES Comic Book Masterpiece — Batman
30 October 2008 9:20 pm
Many a comic book video game has been created over the years, and Batman games in particular have been rather prolific. Nevertheless, due to the impressively consistent crappiness of games based on licenses, chances are you're not even aware that a single great Batman game exists. This is one of the finest titles in the entire NES library. The music and sound effects are better than many 16-bit games, the graphics combine the NES's limited color palette brilliantly with dark, moody backgrounds, and the gameplay full of wall-jumping and strategically employing three secondary weapons, capturing the essence of Batman the crime-fighter and Batman the stategist, has never been replicated this brilliantly. Check out the full review here.
Top Virtual Console Releases for September
16 October 2008 10:10 pm
The trend of fewer Virtual Console releases continues, even the once-mighty five-new-release-prone Japan is feeling the pinch. That said, the high overall quality of new releases is also, thankfully, intact. Whether it's RPGs, Run 'n guns, platformers, or sports, the greatest retro game download service has you covered. It's also great to see this depth extend across most of the available consoles. There were some other great releases in September, like Super Dodgeball, so check out the full recommended lists here, but these are the must-downloads:

North American Releases

PAL Region Releases


Japanese Releases

Top Games for Genesis Revamped and Expanded
13 October 2008 11:55 am

The Sega Genesis was the first 16-bit system I ever owned, so it will forever monopolize a place of nostalgia in my heart. Ultimately, it couldn't compete on the same technological level as the Super Nintendo. But Sega was scrappy, and through aggressive advertising and genre-defining games the Genesis achieved the impossible: It broke Nintendo's stranglehold on the video game market.

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