Fantasy Zone


Sega, Tec Toy (Brazil)

Shoot 'em up


Also Released In

- 1986

- 1987

- ????

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20 December 2009
Updated 25 December 2010

Fantasy Zone is one of the earliest 8-bit console shoot 'em ups (find a comparison of this version to the Famicom port here), yet it remains one of the most original. Set in the same fantasy zone seen in Space Harrier, the game's star, Opa-Opa, has much more freedom of movement. You can scroll freely in any direction. While the light-hearted, colorful landscape may cause you to let your guard down, you'll be surprised by the heartfelt ending, should you make it that far... This also happens to be the only shoot 'em up I know of that can be completed in under nine minutes as demonstrated below: