Gate of Thunder

Shoot 'em up

Red Company,
Hudson Soft

Hudson Soft

21 February 1992

Released In

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12 September 2010

I used to play a hell of a lot of Gate of Thunder back in the day, but watching Chris Bucci's recent review of the game made me wonder. Did I ever beat it on Hard? I remember storming through it on normal without using a single continue. So I fired up this insanely awesome shooter tonight, and after using all of my continues I still hadn't made it to the third boss yet. Quite the sobering experience. Can't even begin to imagine what "Devil" difficulty is like. Anyway, you'll find Bucci's video review below:

24 March 2009

As you probably already know, this is basically the best shoot 'em up every created in the 8/16-bit era. Why? How about: 1) Brilliant level design, 2) Fantastic music, and 3) Clever gameplay that invovles carefully choosing your weapon and speed. Note that this speed run video below is on normal difficulty. I dare you to try hard!