February 2010
Retro Tunes — Classic NES Music for Stage Ones
28 February 2010 9:14 pm
While choosing a favorite retro console can be difficult, I can easily identify my favorite sound board. NES all the way!

Even in its twlight years, the NES cranked out some amazing music. Developers even added special chips to carts, so that extra sound channels could be used, such as with the Japanese version of Castlevania III. Here's a look at some of the best stage one music.
Raiden Fighters Aces — Best Retro Shoot 'em up of the Current Gen?
20 February 2010 6:05 pm

Granted, I just bought this game today, in an effort to dust off my Xbox 360, a console that always wishes I would love it as much as I do my TurboDuo. I'm only beginning to get in some quality play time. That said, I'm already very impressed.

Raiden Fighters Aces—a funny nod to the Engrish of past?—is really three games in one: Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet. They all play great, offer two-player co-op, and the xbox offers customization galore. What order do you want to play the levels in? Got a style preference for the graphics? That you can pick this title up new for around $20 is a steal!
Making New Friends on the InterTubes — Unseen64 and Magweasel
18 February 2010 7:59 pm
Today, I noticed that Unseen64 was linking to TWG via its forum. What is this site I wondered, so I checked it out. What I discovered was a fabulous resource for information about unreleased games and betas. Some coverage that especially enticed me:

Batman [NES - Beta]
Mii [NES - Prototype]
Ninja Gaiden [Mega Drive - Beta/Unreleased]
Phantasy Star IV [Mega Drive/Genesis - Beta]

TWG also received some very nice coverage in the lastest post at Magweasel's blog. It was another site new to me, but after only a cursory look, I can tell you that anyone who starts off a post with something like "I heart PC Engine" is a friend of mine.
Box Art Disparity — Super NES/Famicom Across the Regions Just Posted
13 February 2010 6:27 pm
I've been promising to give the SNES more attention for quite some time. Too often I take the easy way out and focus on the consoles that I grew up with. Anyway, at last the box art comparison series continues with everyone's favorite 16-bit Nintendo console. Check out the latest installment here.
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