June 2010
Top 10 Tweaks — Double Dragon II, U.N Squadron, Others Enter the Fray
29 June 2010 7:11 pm
It's been a busy month, but I've at least had a little time to make a few key edits to the Top 10s. It's subtle stuff that you'd never notice unless I pointed it out, yet it's essential if you want to create the most authoritative lists possible. Double Dragon II displaces the original in the Top 10 Beat 'em ups. The mighty U.N. Squadron (a.k.a. Area 88) finally makes the recommended list for Top 10 Shoot 'em ups. And among recommended titles for the Top 10 Run 'n guns you'll now find Akai Yousai (the FDS version of Jackal) and Journey to Silius. If you have any other recommended additions or edits, I welcome all suggestions here. In other words, this is more love for Technos, Capcom, Sunsoft, and Konami—the way it should be!
Contra — Will the Franchis Ever Top the Original NES Score?
16 June 2010 1:00 am
OK, this isn't really about looking at the bazillions of Contra games and comparing their various soundtracks. This site has a focus. I'm willing to say—ahem—in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, you can't beat the original NES sound of Contra. No doubt, Contra III and Contra: Hard Corps are excellent games, but their soundtracks simply aren't as impressive or memorable, so I bring you the latest musical tribute. Enjoy!
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