February 2011
Top 10 Strategy Game Countdown — #6 Military Madness
26 February 2011 11:57 am
A lot of turn-based military games these days simply do too much. You can lose infinite time customizing your troops, upgrading their stats, and plotting which new buildings will result in the most deadly combination of firepower. But how much time are you really playing? In terms of taking strategic positions on the battlefield and engaging the enemy at the time and place of your choosing? Military Madness does offer a basic unit experience point system, and you can repair units, but beyond that it's all about using terrain to your advantage and attacking. This makes it surprisingly action-packed for a turn-based game, earning it a very solid position in the Top 10 Stategy Game List.
Links for Game Buying Galore — Five More Consoles Pointing to eBay
21 February 2011 10:05 pm
The eBay linking continues. Now you'll find every greatest game in the above lists takes you to eBay results with one click. If you find that an eBay query isn't properly, let me know and I'll try to improve it.
Top 10 Strategy Game Countdown — #7 Herzog Zwei
19 February 2011 8:46 pm
You've probably heard of Techno Soft, the awesome Mega Drive developer known for shoot 'em ups like Thunder Force III, Thunder Force IV, and Elemental Master. Maybe you even knew that Techno Soft had branched into the pinball genre with the excellent Dragon's Fury, a port of Naxat's Devil's Crush. What I'll bet you didn't know, though, is that this same developer put the real-time strategy genre on the map (at least for console games) with Herzog Zwei. It's not the kind of game you pick up and play with ease for the first time; the controls are tricky and the troop commands are not very obvious. But once you get the hang of it, it's easily one of the best strategy games of the entire 16-bit era. That's why it's clocking in at #7 of the Top 10 Strategy Games.
SNES Shopping Made Easy — More Customized eBay Links Added
14 February 2011 7:00 pm
Happy Valentine's Day! There's still time to make the SNES your Valentine by following one of the eBay links from the SNES greatest games list that I recently added and snagging a title. Or perhaps you dislike this holiday as much as I do—worst holiday of the year in my opinion. Ease the pain by shopping for a great SNES game.

This is the same drill as last time with the Genesis / Mega Drive games. Now every individual SNES game has a link to a focused set of eBay results, my effort to make filling out your game collections as easy and efficient as possible. As a bonus, it's also the best and only way to support this web site. If all goes according to plan, I'll never have to resort to conventional, annoying web ads.

As always, if you find that an eBay query isn't working as well as it should, drop me a line, and I'll fine tune it. Thanks!
Top 10 Strategy Game Countdown — #8 New Horizons
13 February 2011 6:22 pm
Up until now, there had been an unusual amount of shooting in the strategy top 10. New Horizons changes that up a bit, well unless you count shooting cannon balls. There is so much game here that it's kind of ridiculous. You can spend nearly infinite hours becoming the richest merchant in the world, the most feared pirate of history—or a combination of both. Koei has a long history of making strategy games, and this is probably their finest hour of the 16-bit era. Don't let the rudimentary graphics and average music scare you away. There's an incredibly deep strategy game to be found.
Now You Can Easily Shop for the Greatest Genesis / Mega Drive Games
5 February 2011 8:14 pm
Now you can jump directly from the greatest Sega Genesis / Megadrive games to search results for each title. It was tedious and monotonous, but I spent the afternoon adding alld the links. I suppose you can call this advertising, but there are numerous great advantages to these links besides the fact that buying items through them will support the cost of running TimeWarpGamer:

#1: The searches are customized to give you accurate results without extraneous crap
#2: Each search looks for all versions of the game (i.e. all regions, all alternate names)
#3: This is a really convenient and easy way to check current prices for a game

If you find that these links to are giving you poor results, please let me know, and I'd be happy to do some more fine tuning. Enjoy!
Top 10 Strategy Game Countdown — #9 Gain Ground SX / Gain Ground
2 February 2011 9:53 pm
Find the latest installment of the strategy top 10 here. The run 'n gun meets the strategy game. Sounds like odd bedfellows, right? You'd be shocked by how well it works. What you end up with is a very smart game that involves picking your character/weapon carefully to proceed through each stage. You must constantly employ strategies and tactics to be successful. Merely possessing quick instincts and a smoother trigger pull will not guarantee success. Gain Ground is not only a fantastic strategy game, it's easily the greatest strategy game—pardon the redundancy—that no one really realized was a strategy game.
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