October 2010
Have a Kick-Ass All Hallows Eve!
31 October 2010 1:05 pm
TG-CD Box Art Disparity — Can America Pull Off the Upset Victory?
11 October 2010 6:49 pm
Here is the penultimate box art comparison feature, this time turning attention to one of my all-time favorite formats. I still maintain that the Turbo Duo is one of the best consoles ever built. It play everything shy of Arcade CD games, including Japanese CD-ROM games (no region protection!), you can save games on the internal memory, and you've even got composite output. My Duo still runs like a champ.

This feature offers some surprisingly close competition, so I'm sure my opinions will be even more debatable than they usually are. Sometimes it downright hard to choose a winner, such as with the case below. But why look at just these two images when you can see the whole thing here. Enjoy!
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