November 2010
NES Black Boxes — Ugly or Brilliant?
28 November 2010 12:17 pm
Originally, this was supposed to get posted as a Black Friday tie-in, but all the tryptophan in the turkey got the best of me. To keep in the capitalist post-Thanksgiving theme, this new box art feature is all about branding and how Nintendo marketed its early games to consumers. You can find the full feature here.
Take a Trip to the Fantasy Zone — The Sunsoft Seven Commences
13 November 2010 9:43 pm
With the box art comparison feature coming to a close soon (just the FDS left), it's time to launch a new feature. This time, the focus is one of the greatest and most under appreciated NES developers. We'll chart Sunsoft's 8-bit history of awesomeness. Interestingly, it all begins with a game originally developed by Sega, and Sunsoft managing to out develop Sega, itself. To here the full story, read on...
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