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Vinny is Getting Married in a Week (so Please Pardon the Sporadic Updates)
30 June 2012 9:26 pm
P.S. Credit for this pixel art goes to 48 Pixeles.
Your Hardware Guide to Playing PS2 Games on the PS3
17 June 2012 7:30 pm
Still plenty of retro hardware to cover, and the third installment of this series is? The PS3?? WTF??? Well...

...can you play PS2 games on your PS3? Which PS3 models work best with its predecessor's titles? What about if you live in a different region? What if your head explodes while using Sony's database for PS2 compatability on the PS3? Fear not, the retro video game enthusiasts shall (mostly/to the best of our ability) answer all of the above. Here is your hardware guide for the PS3. By guide, of course, we mean the ways to maximize your potential to play old-school games on your PS3! Hells yeah!

On...the PS3?
Konami Box Art for the NES
27 May 2012 9:56 pm
That Konami is famous for some very popular video game franchises is commonly known. Lesser known, especially if you didn't grow up during the NES era, is the history of their distinctive box art. So follow this link past the break and take a visual tour of Konami's boxes.
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