Box Art Master: Sega Master System
12 March 2011

I'm a collector, and my inclination to assemble collections has spread into the realm of box art scans. Collecting them all would take too long and bore me to tears, so stay within achievable boundaries by focusing on the greatest Sega Master System Games. Scroll through the below side-by-side comparisons and you'll find they tell their own story, from the U.S. and European fixation on graph paper to Japan's penchant for gold and Tec Toy's blue scheme for later SMS releases. You'll also easily recognize the affinity Brazil has for the SMS, thanks largely to Tec Toy's massive success as Sega's representative in the region—a tale that is deserving of its own feature at some point.

Tracking down scans for Brazilian releases (most by Tec Toy) is especially difficult. Please pardon the missing boxes and the low resolution scans. If you can help fill in the gaps or provide better quality images, please drop me a line here.

Other features that might be of interest: